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The Baithak (mh02)

  • The Baithak is a small woody room with   mattresses and bolsters on its floor all along its periphery.
  • It has a wooden low rise square table in the center making this room an ideal place for family gathering.
  • 8-12 persons can leisurely spread themselves in  the Baithak and enjoy their food and drinks.
  • A heater in the center of the room keeps the room cozy and ideal for the idleness.​

The Kitchen (mh04)

  • The Kitchen in the ground floor is meant for use by our guests except those living in "The Royal Den".
  • The Kitchen has a modular design and has the  most of the modern facilities (such as Microwave, OTG Oven etc.).   The refrigerator in   the kitchen is available to all visitors for their eatables/milk.​
  • Kitchen also has a breakfast table with sitting arrangement for four. 

The Meditation Hut (mh07)

  • The Meditation Hut** is a small square shaped hut in the Manali Home Garden.​
  • The interiors of the hut are done in such a way to let the visitor feel the serenity of the place and quench himself/hereslf in his/her own inner-self.
  • It can also be used as a Yoga Room or as a Prayer Room (religion neutral).

The Living Room (mh01)

  • The Living Room has two seating styles (a regular and a traditional), a dining table, one fire-place and a TV.
  • It has been planned aesthetically blending Stone with Pine Wood to feel the closeness to the nature.
  • The Living Room is connected to the kitchen. Families can enjoy having their favourite snacks while chit-chatting or enjoying TV together.​
  • The Living Room also has a powder room attached to it.

The Garden (mh06)

  • The Garden* is ornamented with apple trees and flowers. It offers the following options to guests to be catalytic to the leisure experience:
  1. Meditation Hut (mh07)
  2. The leisure Hut (mh08)
  3. Garden Kitchenette
  4. Campfire Pit
  5. Walking Track
  6. Mini-badminton Court
  • ​One can sit anywhere in the Garden to enjoy the sunrise, the sunset, soothing sun, cool winds, naughty clouds and the starry nights .

The Blue Nest (mh05)

  • The Blue Nest is an extra bed room on first floor.    It has a hut like interiors similar to other three  bed-rooms on the  first floor with wooden ceiling and paneling.
  • The Blue Nest has a double bed for two guests.  Two more guests can be accommodated here   with floor mattresses.​
  • Its availability need to be confirmed by the guests along with their primary accommodation. This is   an optional paid facility.​

The Central Lobby (mh03)

  • The Central Lobby is on the first floor exactly at    the middle of Manali Home. Waste wood has been thoughtfully  used to decorate its walls.​
  • The Central Lobby is open towards the front of the Manali Home, providing an ideal location for sitting and watching the changing hues of the nature.
  • Sitting in the Central Lobby, one can enjoy the    thrill of watching vehicles climbing up and down  on steep roads on a grand hill in front of Manali Home 

Common Facilities 

Guests have access to the following facilities in ManaliHome. It will make their stay more pleasant and memorable.

The Leisure Hut (mh08)

  • The Leisure Hut** is an open hut in the Garden decorated with bamboo and green climbers.
  • The Leisure Hut has a provision to arrange a make-shift kitchen. Families can plan an evening here   and can have freshly prepared snacks while enjoying  varying colours of the nature.​
  • Guests can also enjoy bright romantic full moon nights here.

Optional Facilities (mh09)

Electric iron

Electric Cattle

Washing machine
Badminton kit
Hot water bottles
Water camper

​Fresh fruits and vegetables
(depending upon season)

*Under Development

**Near completion