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During our family vacations, we have learnt many valuable lessons. We are sharing these as a list of dos and don’ts. We hope it may provide you some good tips to make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.

After deciding the dates, place and people for vacation

  • Decide a clear objective of your vacation but keep a slim agenda. It will allow enough free time to explore whatever unexpected awesomeness comes your way.
  • Take a decision whether to stay in a hotel or a homestay. Read “Why to stay in a homestay?”.
  • Plan and book your hotel/homestay well in advance.
  • Before finalising the booking, make yourself aware of all the facilities and concessions available to you in the hotel/homestay selected by you.
  • Do not promise specific souvenirs to people. During vacation, the last thing you need to be worried about is finding that certain something for that certain someone.

Before you leave your house, make sure

  • The iron, gyser and other home appliances are unplugged
  • The garage door is closed
  • The main water valve is turned off
  • The newspaper, milkman, servant etc. are instrcucted
  • CCTV is properly functioning and has battery backup
  • The doors and windows are locked

During packing ensure

  • to pack more than one phone charger because everyone believes their phone is the most important.
  • to carry necessary medicines
  • to carry only essential items. While away from home, we should prepare ourselves to enjoy living with fewer things.

For Men

  • Be liberal and welcoming towards her misadventures and naughtiness.
  • Forget your expectations and let her relax in her own way
  • Give her time, patient ear and some surprises
  • Be youth

For Women

  • Be liberal and welcoming towards his misadventures and naughtiness
  • Forget your expectations and let him relax in his own way
  • Do not discuss family matters, your friends etc.
  • Remember his any personal wish and surprise him by fulfilling it
  • Be beautiful

During the trip

  • Carry your water bottle wherever you go.
  • Expect to experience new and interesting (and sometimes annoying) things about your own family. Enjoy it, instead of spoiling your vacations. After all knowing one another is also a purpose of family vacations.
  • talk to the locals. Get the insider info on the best places to eat and visit. You may find something that may interest you more than what is listed on tourism guides or websites.
  • Remember things don’t always go according to plan. So, to keep on having nice time never forget: travel is an exercise of going with the flow.
  • Do not spend the whole time documenting your vacation on social media instead of actually enjoying it. Just think who are more important to you during vacation, those with you or those on social media.
  • Do not forget to care of yourself and your family. Drink clean and enough water. Take enough rest to enjoy the next day also.
  • Keep yourself and your family away from watching TV. This is what you always do at home. Remember you have not spent so much of money to spend your time the way you do at home. Instead take a lazy stroll, talk to each other or do anything for which you don't find time at your place.
  • Mobile is an instrument to destroy your family holidays. Except for emergency, avoid mobile. Let people calling you or on social media know that you are on a family vacation
  • Avoid being over-adventurous 
  • Use toilets whenever available. Do not believe (and wait for) the one in the next destination. You may not find one there.

Regarding Home-stay Living

  • Remember your hosts are allowing you to use their house as your own. Reciprocate by considering their home as your own. 
  • Help them to keep it clean.
  • When you are in a homestay try to learn local culture and etiquettes.
  • Instruct your kids to be sensible. But still if a damage is caused by them, gracefully accept it and compensate the homestay owner. 
  • Talk to your host before booking to know his expectations from you and let him know about your expectations.

vacations: dos and don'ts