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Have you ever dreamt to live in a housewhere

  • there are high mountains with white peaks all around ?
  • there are fruit trees and unending greenery wherever you see?
  • there is no noise but the sweet sounds of nature like burbling  of flowing water, whispering of winds, chirping of birds…..?
  • there is no pollution in air, soil or water?
  • there is no hustle and bustle of our routine lives?
  • there are just those with you who are your closest ones?

Why to stay at Manali home


It is a reality now.
MANALI HOME is your own home at Kullu Manali

  • where you can have  home cooked food of your choice whenever you crave for,
  • where you can sit leisurely in the Living Room and have a chit chat over a cup of tea,
  • where you can spread yourselves lazily in the Baithak with your favourite drinks/snacks,
  • where you can sit in the open to enjoy the winds or sun or to count stars in the sky on a clear night,
  • where you can go for a stroll with a water stream flowing besides or have a brisk walk in the woods and
  • where you can opt for a mini trekking anytime or be thrilled by crossing a hanging bridge in the vicinity.

So no more Hotel Stays!

No more junky food!!

As you have a mountain home away from home!!!

  • for a group of families flocking together,
  • for a long romantic vacation with your partner,
  • for leisure holidays with family,
  • to escape from city life for rejuvenation of mind and soul,
  • for coming for a second honeymoon with your life partner to celebrate 10, 20, 25, or 50 years of togetherness or
  • for rejuvenation through the healing powers of mountains, fresh air and natural mineral water.

this is not a dream anymore