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Ideal for pairs on their second honeymoon

It has been years (may be 10, 20, 25 or more) since you married and had your honeymoon. Over these years you have successfully performed all your duties. Have you ever thought of taking a break for yourself? You really deserve such a break to pat yourself for all your endeavors.  It is time to think of a second honeymoon. Not going too deep into this topic, we can bet that certainly this honeymoon will again create memories that will further reinforce your bond forever. You two alone living romantically in  a home that has a different set up and members is really a wonderful proposition that need to be given a chance.

It will also be wonderful if two three like minded pairs plan vacations together.

Better food choices

Normally in India homestays provide breakfast as part of the deal. While staying in a homestay we can have more options for food. You can always choose one of them as per your mood and convenience.

You can cook on your own the same favourite food that always suits you or leisurely experiment something new. You also have an option to get parcel from the nearby eateries. And the option to eat out in a hotel is always there. Sometimes it may happen that your host may surprise you with a nice lunch/dinner. You may also have an opportunity to learn/eat local cuisine.

Visit beyond tourist spots

When you choose a homestay for your vacation, you may get chance to see places that only the locals know about. You may get a chance to visit fruit orchards or a local deity or a narrow walking track in the woods etc.

Better Economics

 Homestays are great value for money. Effective per person cost would be much lower when you compare a homestay with a hotel with similar facilities. After reading the above advantage points of a homesaty, we don’t find any need to explain more.


The opinions expressed in this article are based on our experience. It is quite possible that you may differ in your experiences. Things may turn up in different ways depending upon the match and mismatch of personality types of guests and hosts. We always recommend, before staying in a homestay, discuss your all expectations, reservations and inhibitions with the host on telephone. Regretting later must be avoided.

Homestay is different from a hotel in many ways. There are a number of reasons why staying at a homestay can be preferable to staying in a hotel. The benefits include:

Chance to live the destination

When you stay in a homestay you have an experience that you won’t get in hotels. You not only get an accommodation to stay but you also get chance to meet the local people. You have an option to see their way of life and culture. In fact, staying in homestay is a way to live a destination, not just visit it.

If you are lucky, your vacation time may fall parallel to a local fare, ceremony, festival or a celebration in the Host’s place. It may be an incentive to your experience as you will have a better insight of the local life.

A genuine ‘home away from home’

The phrase ‘home away from home’ is used too loosely by hotels around the world. They may offer best of the services but they are not real homes. But, a homestay is just that, a genuine home. When you stay in a homestay, you really stay in a home away from home.

You have a privacy of a bed room of your own. You have a kitchen where you can cook whatever you like. You have a living area where all of you can sit together..........and so on.

Perfect for a group of families; a group of newlywed couples

A group of 2-3 newlywed couples or a group of 2-3 families or a single large family can also opt to stay in a homestay with 3-4 spare bedrooms.

We have always travelled across India in a group of 4 families with 4 pairs of parents and 6 children.  We always had our best time when after our day activities we gathered and sat together in the evenings for long hours. But during our stays in the hotels, it ended up creating a mess of the room of one of us. It is a practical problem. However, whenever we stayed in a homestay, we had access to living area and other common facilities of the house. It was really good to have a common place!!

During our stay in homestays each family took turn to cook for others or a day was declared as men’s day or one day it was kids' turn to prepare snacks etc. Truly, the access to kitchen in a homestay wonderfully gives a reason to create great memories. A hotel stands nowhere if you have such ideas in your mind.

Better Personalisation

While staying in a homestay you may personalise your room, especially during long vacations. If travelling by own vehicle you can carry all your belongings that you always love to see in your room for example your favourite teddy, pillow, quilt .....or anything that you can not bear to be separated.

You may also pursue your hobbies practically possible at hosts place. Off from your work, you will be in a right state of mind to do all that you always wished to do. May be painting, gardening etc.  But ensure to talk to your host beforehand.

Why to stay in A Homestay?